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Ground and Floor

Buy Heavy Roller Prints for the Price of Property

We, that is Susanne von Bülow and Ruppe Koselleck, run a family owned art business and take on terrestrial print jobs to reproduce your ground using a highly sophisticated and recently developed process.
Balingen - square metre price = 350,- Euro
We work on the most elementary of all surfaces – the ground you walk on every day.
A traditional heavy roller prints the ground’s topography with an analogue format of 1:1.  

We use various felts, colours, pigments and the appropriate pressure to engrave the ground’s structure, its marks and its dirt – i.e. its local characteristics – on heavy hand-made paper. This is how a portrait of your ground, interpreted in colours, emerges.
Ruppe Koselleck and Susanne von Bülow - pic behind: Emsdetten - 3 square metre = 460,- Euro.
…it’s not the artist but the location that dictates the price.

The value of our ground and floor prints is calculated by square metre/ square foot and on basis of the applicable local standard ground value or any other relevant and official house or land price index.

One square metre of a barely developed commercial zone without any direct motorway access has another value than a piece of hand-made paper printed on the Königsallee in Düsseldorf or the Champs Elysees in Paris.

Ground and Floor is a conceptual gauge displaying the economic and aesthetic performance of your region.  

Centre and periphery, speculation and prognosis are shown by using the standard ground value for the price of a printed square metre.

That’s what we and our artistic work stand for.

Ruppe Koselleck +49 173.83 60 23 8
Susanne von Bülow +49 173.83 60 95 8

Bochum - square metre - 1000,- Euro - pic: 3 square metre = 3000,- Euro

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